Fairly into this song lately, as well as the band.

Dawes has a Tom Petty, The Byrds like vibe that jives very well with having no idea what’s going on in your life and the days are long and rainy.

I can’t pinpoint what’s groundbreaking about them, except they sound completely familiar and brand new all at once. Paced and measured verses, rhyme schemes and hooks that are satisfying to the core (see “Fire Away”) and songs seem to wrap up with long guitar solos that are probably bangin’ live.

“Maybe cause I come from such an empty-hearted town
or maybe cause some love of mine had really let me down
but the only time I am lonely is when others are around
I just never end up knowing what to say

if I wanted someone to clean me up, I’d find myself a maid
if I wanted someone to spend my money, I wouldn’t need to get paid
if I wanted someone to understand me, I’d have so much more to say
I want you to make the days move easy”

~If I Wanted Someone
Dawes, Nothing is Wrong