The musicianship in this room is, like, 678,489 to the third power of awesome. I love the moments when you get them pointing and motioning to each other, sneaking in corrections between lines. And the subtle smiles that creep across their faces when they hit the parts right.

You don’t mess with Mavis, or Jeff Tweedy for that matter. See how he stares at the camera sometimes, kinda gives you a look? Be still, my hipster heart. That hair and plaid jacket are just killin’ it.

I love seeing the best of today’s folk, bluegrass and soul working together on classics like “The Weight.” It shows respect for days gone by, and acknowledges greats who’ve gone before. I’m a big fan of covers of any kind – at least, I’m open to listening – for this reason. And I generally will respect artists more who can pull it off with a reinvention.