A recent post on ThoughtCatalog has me thinking.

It often occurs to me that women in music are treated similarly to women in literature. They’re pretty good, “for a girl,” or “considering she’s a woman.” Any creative condensation of an exploit, whether it be music, poetry, story, still life, or otherwise, from a female perspective is ultimately defined by just that.

I do not think this is the way society should continue to perceive creative works. How on Earth does being born a being with cleavage, shiny hair and soft skin make my human condition any less human than that of yours? My analysis less valid? I don’t know how many guys don’t admit to liking Paramore because they’re afraid to dig a rock band fronted by a female, even though they are more talented, honest, hardworking than many bands out there (kudos to places like Alternative Press for fair treatment but not ignoring the issue). And fuck you if you don’t think Tori Amos is a genius, because you can’t compose like she does unless you are.

I understand there’s place for preference – not liking a female vocalist, for example – but how much of that preference is based out of fear?