Obligatory. Beautiful. I don’t know if there are any books out there about “Clarity” as a whole, a la the 33 1/3 series which I am very much a fan of.

But if there is such a literary work, I hope it mentions how it takes a special band to capture the sadness/emptiness that comes with the holidays without being slit-your-wrists depressing. Truly we all feel some kind of desperation this time of year — we’re single, we don’t like our job, we have no money, we’ve let the ones we love and care for slip out of our fingers as we self-serve day after day.

It’s OK to feel those things. And it’s OK to sing about them.

“I didn’t mean to leave you hanging on
I didn’t mean to leave you all alone
I didn’t know what to say.”
Jimmy Eat World, Clarity