This feels extra good today. Truisms. Lately it’s felt like so much is worthless, I’m this angry, jaded version of me.

“Well if you’re in from the start
Then we’re in this together
If you’re not then I’ll have to
Take on this world
Cause this world can’t take on me
I won’t let go
I feel so lost without it
Crawl down my throat
I just can’t think about it now

If it’s your turn to live
Then it’s my turn to give it up

And if you drop the bomb
Then I’ll pick it up

I’m afraid to be
(I’d stick it out by my heart can’t hack it)
Just an example of inconsistency
I feel like I’m jaded
I’ve given it all I have to give
Burnt out, frustrated
I feel like I’m an enemy of the world

~Enemy of the World
Four Year Strong, Enemy of the World