Kind of drunk tonight, listening to Ashes and Fire on NPR and it makes me feel like everything is going to be OK, even if it’s not right now.

I lost my iPod last week. Surviving sure, singin less in the car though. Had my first playing/singing performance last week. I did not think it went well,haha, chords were all fumbly, but friends said they loved it and that was enough to make it worth it.

Ryan sounds so amazing on this album. I am loving it. It is strong and sweet and simple and sad. It is endearing in its authenticity. And that is why we love music so much, right? What’s real about it? Even the pop tunes you can’t help but like (like that fucking ‘my heart’s a stereo’ tune I hear every goddamned day) it’s when they make you think of something or someone or some feeling that they complete you. Even if its for two seconds and then you’re all like “Damn, this song is terrible” and put on jazz.

Ashes and Fire, however, is right where I need it to be.

It makes me want to be in a dusty bar somewhere, with blinking neon lights and smooth-but-worn bar stools. Light draft beer and a bartender who doesn’t care.

“Kindness” is one of the most beautiful, pure songs I’ve heard in sooooooooo long. Love it. “Lucky Now” got me at first listen when it was released, and “Come Home” just makes me cry.