I don’t want to go home.

New find. How come music from Canada always sounds like something I want to hear in a bar, while making sad eyes across the room with a sad stranger? And dim lighting. And Coors light.

“If ever you want to
See how much I want you
I’ll give you everything
If ever you need to
See how much I need you too
Tell me that you think about me
Thinking of you
Wondering just how much I love you
I will show you once you let me through

If ever you seem to
Admit that you need me too
I’ll hang on every word
If ever you start to
See how slowly you’re killing me
And how deep a man can hurt
I’m falling further under every spell
You’ve put me under
Don’t release me
Make me cry for you

Cause’ every time you do
I don’t want to go home
I don’t want to go home
I don’t want to go home

~I Don’t Want To Go Home,
Todd Hunter Band