There’s something about the guilty…..the thing you know is too average to want, not special enough, not indie enough, but still….soo…..damn….perfect.
Enter Marianas Trench. Can’t really describe it other than insanely listen-able. And to listen, is to enter an honest and driven-tempo world, with harmonies to hell and back, and tambourines in the chorus just like my lil heart likes it.

Sure, it’s cheesy, and a lot of their fans might love Selena Gomez, but I freakin’ love ’em. Since Januaryish they’ve been in my rotation, and I like some songs a LOT more than others, but those songs are pretty awesome.

The album itself is very theme-y, and group-vocal oriented in a Queen or Beach Boys kind of way.

In criticism land, the vocals do get on my nerves sometimes and are too all over the place for me to feel really respectful of — even versatility needs boundaries, I think, for greatness to really show – but some tunes are so damn succinct I can’t help but love them.

I’m under the gun, you’re like the only one.
I just can’t decide what I’m running from.
This isn’t what I wanted, but
I can’t keep my filthy fucking mouth shut.

It’s not enough, it’s never enough.
And I wish I could breathe without getting it stuck
Can’t focus it, but I try it
over and over again.

Did you say “please just follow me?”
I thought you wanted me.
Cause I want you all to myself.
I can try to suck it up,
I just can’t suck it up.
Make me feel like someone else
~All to Myself

Marianas Trench, Masterpiece Theater