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January 2011


Can we talk about Bad Books for a second? Andy Hull + Kevin Devine = wonderful collaboration. Still swallowing the album, only heard a few tracks yet, but I like.

It seems more poppy than Manchester Orchestra, and I’m not (sadly) too familiar with Devine’s catalog save for a few songs, but I know he’s a pretty well-known dude.


Good morning, with new Lovedrug.

Okay, it’s not morning. But it’s my first day off in forever, and I slept in.


It’s been a long time since I’ve devoted some real attention to my blog, and all I can think of is that I never knew Foo Fighters covered “Band on the Run” till I heard it on the radio today. And it was actually pretty awesome.


Crush + Little thing on shuffle = heart in pieces, in a good way

Just because things change doesn’t mean they don’t stay the same — it’s why the same stuff gets you, I think.


“And Sally said, Sally said.
I can’t take no more regret.
It cut us deep, into our souls.
Came and climbed into our bed.
And Sally said, Sally said.
Meet me by the River’s edge.
We’re going to wash these sins away.
Or else we won’t come back again.

You know I had these ballroom dreams.
That, as a child, came to me.
I was a boy in Grandma’s arms.
A mother’s pride and a wounded heart.
And I was full with fiery wonder.
You wore Audrey Hepburn pearls.
You were the only one who understood me then and the only one who will.

~Meet me by the river’s edge,
The Gaslight Anthem, The ’59 Sound

Maybe one of my top 5 TGA songs….does a wonderful job capturing the rush of desperation, the get-out-of-this-town yearning that makes you need to run.

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