If this isn’t the sweetest song I’ve heard in awhile, more sweet songs should be written.

“You and I
We might be strangers
How ever close we get sometimes
Its like we never met
But you and I
I think we can take it
All the good with the bad
Make something that no one else has, But
You and I
You and I
Me and you
What can we do
When the words we use
sometimes are misconstrued

Well I won’t guess
Whats coming next
I can’t ever tell you’re
The deepest well
I’ve ever fallen into

Oh I don’t wanna know
Oh I don’t wanna know
Oh I don’t need to know
Everything about you
Oh I don’t wanna know
And you don’t need to know
That much about me”

~You and I
Jimmy Eat World, Invented (bonus track)