I live in constant debt, to feel you, invented.

Jimmy Eat World you did it again…I love Invented, I can see this album lasting forever and ever for me, it’s on a totally different level than Chase This Light but extremely honest and satisfying and so many things.

“There’s a cinematic end
I picture it just right
Having trouble with the right words
But you tell me with your eyes:
There’s something good I miss
Something I cant’ find
Do you believe me now?
Can you see it in my eyes?
You’re always in my head
You’re just what I wanted
I live in constant debt
To feel you, invented”
Jimmy Eat World, Invented

In three days I am going to lock myself in a room, alone, and listen to music all day, on brand new speakers, in a brand new place. So, maybe it’s just all that, but I love this album right now.