I have to say it, again and again, I’m never unimpressed by radio magic. Example: Been listening to Disintegration a ton, but today my iPod battery decided to call it quits for good.**

Anyway I was driving to work thinking I could really go for some more of The Cure, and, bam – “Pictures of You” comes on (with a shortened intro, but still). Loved it.

And I was also determined to here Taylor Swift’s “Mine” before going home, which I caught on the top 40 station. The DJ made a joke, saying the song could be called “15 Teardrops on my Love Story” or something like that. I laughed, but understand where he’s coming from. Still sang it, loud.

The new Jimmy Eat World single, “My Best Theory,” is awesome. I’m so excited for that album, which I tend to dig overall more than the singles. Still it’s a great song, awesome to drive to, hook-tastic, and I can’t wait for more. I love the perspective of the song, JEW is great for songs that reflect social/political landscapes, they have a subtle way of doing it without being gospel. This song just observes and captures really well, I think.

**This is three in one year, by the by. The new nanos are glorious, though, I might buy one next week.