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September 8, 2010


I have to say it, again and again, I’m never unimpressed by radio magic. Example: Been listening to Disintegration a ton, but today my iPod battery decided to call it quits for good.**

Anyway I was driving to work thinking I could really go for some more of The Cure, and, bam – “Pictures of You” comes on (with a shortened intro, but still). Loved it.

And I was also determined to here Taylor Swift’s “Mine” before going home, which I caught on the top 40 station. The DJ made a joke, saying the song could be called “15 Teardrops on my Love Story” or something like that. I laughed, but understand where he’s coming from. Still sang it, loud.

The new Jimmy Eat World single, “My Best Theory,” is awesome. I’m so excited for that album, which I tend to dig overall more than the singles. Still it’s a great song, awesome to drive to, hook-tastic, and I can’t wait for more. I love the perspective of the song, JEW is great for songs that reflect social/political landscapes, they have a subtle way of doing it without being gospel. This song just observes and captures really well, I think.

**This is three in one year, by the by. The new nanos are glorious, though, I might buy one next week.


Beautiful little song that flipped across my radar.

“Lucy and I came from Tallahassee
With our bones on our backs
Our backs on our knees
She was small, I was straight
We left our love in a bed ridden gate, for shame

Why can’t you see the sky isn’t green anymore
Why don’t you know what I need on these shores
All I want is love eternally
With your heart facing me

Science says stones don’t fly through water
And souls don’t matter if you love your mother
If karma could dance, she’d tango forever
And I’d sell my sleeves for some cloud ridden weather

Why can’t you see heaven won’t wait for us
Salutations and prayers are too laborius
All I want is love eternally
With your heart facing me”

~To Travels and Trunks
Hey Marseilles, To Travels and Trunks

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