Hear this on WBER all the time, gorgeous.

Tom McRae – Please

Seriously, go listen to it. It’s a beautiful recording but it sounds pretty good in the live link above.

Fireworks through the trees, city turns away from me
my hand raised to say goodbye, goodbye my love.
Wheels roll to the light, sleep kills fevered night
and it’s easier now, it’s easier now you’re gone.

Shadow rise, shadow fall, deaf to siren call
a year has died, a year since I said your name.
Burning in the blue, light comes low and cool
and like your love there’s no heat in this winter sun.

So please let my heart go.

Walk the world side to side, place where hidden memories lie
and I buried you there along with your history.
Give me sun you give me shade and seven years of hurricanes
but now my love I’m sundialling my days away.

So please let my heart go. Cos I don’t care no more.
Tom McRae, The Alphabet of Hurricanes