One of my favorite songs to drive to, especially during the guitar solo. Loved this album when it came out last fall.

“miles till dawn
but it feels so dark till then
drowns you out
but you can’t be too certain

common wants
only fill me up with need
in this world is just like me

so I row on

sounds like fear
thinking there might be a cure
waste your life
but you don’t know it’s worth

comb your mind
for all the treasures of this earth
too close to find
anything inside yourself

so why row on

life ain’t nothing
but a dream
as it seems
*sweet solo*
destiny’s vulgar
so I might as well resist
out of the darkness
and all the secrets still exist

finally decided
and by decide I mean accept
I don’t need all those
other chances I won’t get”

~Life’s a Dream
Built to Spill, There is No Enemy