Anberlin’s been around for awhile, with fifth record coming out soon, and I’ve never heard anything I disliked from them. So in the hope of finding new music I gave it a shot and downloaded some full lengths. It was a pretty good idea. Some songs I haven’t been able to really get through, but others, like this one, are really beautifully done. The more I listen to it, the better it gets.

“aren’t we all to you just lost causes, all we are to you lost?”
Anberlin, Cities

They get the Christian band label a lot, but I don’t really like it when that’s done to bands. Writing about faith and spirituality is no different than writing about love or death or a ham sandwich or whatever a song is about. Would a band that writes about cars be a car-rock band? No. So “Christian rock bands” just shoves something into a category that potentially alienates fans who are afraid of associating their music with a faith.

And that choir section is absolutely chilling if you’ve been listening to the song with the right set of ears.