Funny that I woke up in a Copeland mood today, found out that States is a new band with two formers of Copeland (still sad about that) and Mindy White from Lydia (meh). I am truly hoping this will be something beautiful, because I have a Copeland-sized hole in my heart that needs filling with warm, soft, emotional music. It sounds pretty, and I like her voice. They certainly have the hype factor working for them considering what bands they’re both from, but not too much material to share yet, it seems. Waiting for that. It sounds very sell-able, though, whatever that means. Like a less punk Paramore. But I’m not one to bash artists who want to make music that could also make them money. We all gotta make a living — some things are more important than indie cred. Unfortunately, the shit that sells is often boring as hell to listen to, so, it’s a careful balance and we’ll see how States plays it.

Slightly related, waiting to see what Aaron from Copeland does next, ’cause I’m pretty sure he’s brilliant. Per che?

“It’s sure as the floor ‘neath my toes
and somehow not surprised
that I was superimposed
Somehow in this life
And if my friends and my foes would just drop me a line it’d be nice

You see love is a drink that goes straight to my head
and time is a lover and I’m caught in her stare
And the sentiment there follows me straight to my bed through the night

I’ve got my life in a suitcase and ready to run run run away
I got no time cause I’m always trying to run run run away
Cause everyday when it feels like it’s only a game
I’ve got my life in a suitcase, a suitcase, a suitcase
A suitcase”

~The Day I Lost my voice (The Suitcase Song)
Copeland, You Are My Sunshine