So found out Punchline will be releasing a new album this summer, realized I forgot about them, whipped out “Action” from the ole CD case (zomg discs) and I’ve been loving it all afternoon.

It’s pop punk. So it’s not Colin Meloy, it’s not Jeff Magnum, it’s not John K. Sampson or elaborate poetry by any means. But it’s honest and heartfelt and it works and you know I know that’s all that matters. And it’s a great album, makes me feel all lovely. Hell, sometimes my iPod depresses me more than Six Feet Under does. Don’t know how much I’ll check out their other discography from the past few years, but I’ll definitely be looking into the release this summer to see what grown-up pop punk sounds like these days. I love it when bands outlive trends.

I’m cold inside
and these pictures can’t even explain what’s missing in my life.
The coldest of calendars I couldn’t have it any better
Half the time I am alive just to see your smile

Sometimes I feel cold inside
It feels like I am sleeping outside
Indoors there’s a light I can see in your eyes

I’ve seen nights without sleep
Days without daylight
These memories I keep won’t keep me warm at night
The coldest part is the heart that we share
It’s breaking apart and you’re not even here

To say things will get better
So freezing out blanket my discontent ’til I sleep again.

~Coldest of Calendars,
Punchline, Action