Since it’s midterms week and studying’s no fun, I spend a lot time fooling around the Internet. Today I came across Free Energy and thought they sounded pretty good (see link for free album stream). I love their vibe, they’re so fun and happy, and really melodic guitar solos.

I always like seeing what labels are putting out, what they think is up-and-coming. I imagine that sometimes they’re so far behind the curve, other times it’s dead on. So fancy that, signed bands that are talented musicians and not just an act!!! 😮

(For the record, Free Energy is signed to DFA, and their debut album is called “Stuck on Nothing.”)

bang bang, pop, pop
when does the searchin stop
bang, bang, pop, pop
when the mind goes

~Bang Pop
Free Energy, Stuck on Nothing

^probably the catchiest chorus ever about the extinguishing of the self.

Also, though I really really miss my iPod, it’s cool to hear what you hear when you don’t have headphones in all the damn time. Today, for example, I was walking home from class and I heard someone blasting “The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows” from their bedroom window or something. It was all echo-y and loud and the sky was a warm, dark blue and it was cold but not so cold that you minded. I could hear it for about half the song, it was pretty loud. Quite the moment in my day. So yeah, no iPod isn’t all bad. Not to mention all the overheard conversations, phone calls, and the seemingly higher number of people I know I seem to run into.