Never an overrated song, was only familiar with The Beatles and Smokey Robinson versions but I like this one, too. So sweet, and it sneaks up on you with patience and delicacy.

Obviously I love both M.Ward and Zooey Deschanel, how can anyone not? A fittingly talented pair of songwriters and performers, She & Him is just a good example of a certain kind of music that just ran rampant the past few years, I think they just hit that soothing, quiet, sad folk nail on the head. They got great style, too, pop appeal like crazy but it didn’t detract from the product. New album alert: March 23!!!

Also, the labeling tool won’t let me put the ampersand in the “She & Him” label. I’ve half a mind to complain to Blogger.

I don’t understand this video, something about love, loving and food? I’m missing something, but the guy at 2:35 made me laugh. So, do I sing this to my food? I don’t understand.