“O, the blood and the treasure
And then losing it all
The time that we wasted
And the place where we fall

Will we wake in the morning
And know what it was all for?
Up in our bedroom after the war”

-The Beginning After the End,
Stars, In Our Bedroom After the War

“The pleasure part
The after shock
The moment that
It takes the fall apart

The time we have
The task at hand
The love it takes
To destroy a man

The ecstasy
The being free
That big black cloud
Over you and me

And after that
The upward fall
And worry angels
After all”

–The Night Starts Here,
Stars, In Our Bedroom After the War

“Slick girls and sick boys and
Each one lining up to take him home
They hold tight, their coin and
They pray no one has to see them fall

I’m there yeah, I serve them
The one with the empty looking eyes
Come closer, you’ll see me
The face that is used to telling lies”

-Take Me To the Riot
Stars, In Our Bedroom After the War

“In Our Bedroom After the War” is amazing. I just think it’s really well-written, the parts make so much sense. It’s not without it’s moments of cheese or drama, kind of like a musical or I guess a lot of indie pop. But it’s good to get that in there.