Cold air. Windows down. Fulfilling, eye-opening past few weeks. This song loudly. I need a guitar, that’s not connected to an Xbox 360. You can do so much to a song by adding a few chords, Interpol succeeds by their simplicity and the contrast that comes out of it. Speedy full drum part and one-note guitar…cold air, windows down, fulfilling eye opening past few weeks. Yeah, today, my heart swings. But I don’t want to take your heart, and I don’t want a piece of history, no I don’t want to read your thoughts anymore.

I love how this song manages to be uplifting and negative at the same time. Maybe negative isn’t always bad. Maybe you need heart-swinging, you need shifting and placement and rearrangement of people, to bring out the most of your own identity.

“Cause I’ve got a chance for a sweet sane life. I said, I’ve got a dance and you’ll do just fine”