While this type of band — seven piece indie group with punctuation in their name — wouldn’t normally be the kind I would seek out listening to, I heard the song “The Sea Is A Good Place To Think of the Future” by Los Campesinos! and really really enjoyed it. Enjoyed the lyrics, the style, the dynamics. Thought it had beautiful organization and beautiful tension, really captured a feeling well. Wonderful song.

The lyrics, for the verses, are that kind of sentence-y, paragraph-y kind. Example:

“At fourteen her mother died in a routine operation, from allergic reaction to a general anesthetic. She spent the rest of her teens experimenting with prescriptions, in a futile attempt to know more than the doctors.
She said one day to leave her, sand up to her shoulders waiting for the tide
to drag her to the ocean, to another sea’s shore.
This thing hurts like hell,
but what did you expect?”

Song lyrics? Song lyrics! Song lyrics…I think it totally works. Cynics might say that this isn’t lyrics fighting, it’s just rambling. But I think the test of a good song means the lyrics need to stand on their own, or else why the fuck are you singing them? Just ’cause they sound cool? Well, I suppose that’s a rationale, but I prefer my musicians to believe in what they’re singing about. To feel so deeply attached to those words they want to put them out there in music-land.

Anyway, cool song, illustrates a good point, too. Must find more!!