Should you find yourself in need of new rock music, I highly recommend the new Lovedrug. I think it’s a good fit for a lot of kinds of music fans, the songs are just really well-done. A step up from “Sucker Punch Show” and its abstract pounding, a step towards something more patient and powerful.

Listen here.

“Pink Champagne” and “Ladders” were the easiest to get into at first and I found myself playing them a lot. But the other three have really grown on me, too — “She’s Disaster” is hypnotic and striking, “We Were Owls” and “Dead in the Water” have a feel that reminds me a lot more of their first record, “Pretend That You’re Alive,” which is a stunning rock album.

I can’t recommend this band enough to people, wherever I go and end up talking about music. Nor can I put my finger on what about their sound is so special to me. Maybe it’s just that they have a great blend of extremely sing-able melodies, poignant, biting lyrics, excellent use of dynamics to move a song along, and some dark, dark moments. They are a band that’s really come to inspire me on what makes up a good song these days, and I’m glad to see that they’re producing new material that’s grounded in their roots and not resorting to trying to sound like whatever Pitchfork is rating high these days.