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November 2009


Can’t afford to lose my head
Can’t afford to lose my cool
You’ll blow them all in kingdom come
Can’t afford to lose my tease
I just aim to please

Feel like a no-tell motel painting
Out of place or ignored
It’s all medals & trophies, trophies & medals
& all before the race has been run

Oh take it off now baby
Is it to much to as
give it up or kiss your ass goodbye

Autobiographical anonymous
A cotillion of friction on my jurisdiction
It’s a lovely disguise with the wandering eyes
I get high, now you’ve got something to look up to

Troubles a mangy stray dog
Play with it once, then it follows you home
It’s all “have not, have none, hey can I nave some?”
Until I’ve had enough, yet I’ve had none

Oh take off your mask, rip it off now baby
Lose it into the trash, throw all it away
Go on and give it a try or
Kiss your ass goodbye

Suddenly it gets easy
The sun goes down
The long arm of important things
Disappears in her gown
You finally drop the knife
Forget you ever..
It’s such a goodnight
Ain’t forever
It feels so good to give up, give in

Her arms, I know it hurts
It hurts to be young
Metamorphosis is pain, I know
I said it hurts to be young
Gotta learn every goddamn thing
You gotta hack your way through & realize
It’s almost entirely lies

But then you’ll begin to smile
Smile for me
Real wide
Then you accept what you are
The transformation is done
You’ve become… absorbed into & you know
I think I know what to do

-Warsaw or The First Breath You Take After You Give Up
Them Crooked Vultures, Them Crooked Vultures

Brilliant lyrics – they’re so honest, and so smart. Written


I heard Straylight Run’s “Hands in the Sky” on t.v. tonight. I liked that song and it worked soo well for the scene. It was on “Sons of Anarchy,” an FX show that, according to their wiki, has a sick soundtrack.


Christmas came early for me this year. I found a brand new, unclaimed purse in my closet, had half a Schwartzkoff and…..listened to Them Crooked Vultures!

I don’t even know where to begin! The time has finally arrived, and it’s everything I hoped for and more. Well, maybe I’m being melodramatic, but come on, it’s pretty much three of the coolest, dirtiest, talented, dedicated bunch so of course it’s gonna be good. Grohl-Homme-Jones. Giddy-up!

Favorite tracks include: New Fang, Elephants, Bandoliers, Reptiles, Warsaw Or The First Breath You Take After You Give Up.


…but the interview with Melody from the Pussycat Dolls was hilarious. Especially if you’re read their wiki. Which I have. No big deal.


….is kind of worth reading. My favorite aspect is Bono’s ability to self-reflect in his narrative, he’s extremely honest about his rock star complex and insecurities and ego, and the behind the scenes dialogue from their studio sessions are hilarious. And somehow it’s all about Berlin, Germany, the past, the world, the politics of countries and culture, and it’s a nice, well-written little piece.

I’d kill to be able to remember conversations that accurately.


I needed something like this. I can’t get it on my iPod yet. I’ve been at my desk listening to “Pink Champagne” for 20 minutes. I don’t want to go anywhere.

It’s a beautiful song. Sad in all the right places, just sarcastic enough, beautiful guitar parts, heartbreaking melodies, patient, tense rhythms. Makes me very excited for the album.


“I’ll fake it through the day
With some help from Johnny Walker Red.
Send the poison rain down the drain
To put bad thoughts in my head.
Two tickets torn in half
And a lot of nothing to do.
Do you miss me, Miss Misery
Like you say you do?

A man in the park
Read the lines in my hand,
Told me I’m strong
Hardly ever wrong I said “man you mean you”

I had plans for both of us
That involved a trip out of town
To a place I’ve seen in a magazine
That you left lying around.
I don’t have you with me but
I keep a good attitude.
Do you miss me, Miss Misery
Like you say you do?

I know you’d rather see me gone
Than to see me the way that I am,
But I am in the life anyway.

Next door the TVs flashing
Blue frames on the wall.
It’s a comedy of errors, you see.
It’s about taking a fall.
To vanish into oblivion
Is easy to do.
And I try to be but you know me
I come back when you want me to.
Do you miss me, Miss Misery
Like you say you do?”

~Miss Misery, New Moon/Good Will Hunting Soundtrack
Elliott Smith

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