That fuckin Kings of Leon song, ‘Use Somebody,’ I can’t tell you how much I love it. It’s such a good song. In the way that Snow Patrol and Sigur Ros and Coldplay are good, that kind of patient tension building quality. Loveeee. Heard a couple covers and remixes, some I could take or leave but some are really great.

The more I check out music videos on YouTube, by searching for certain popular songs and whatnot, the more I realize how manyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy people put up videos of themselves playing. This is a question no one seems to have a real answer for, other than “They’re all trying to get famous.” But are they really? What defines famous? Lots of hits? Lots of ‘net friends? A record deal? Or is just because you can, you can put yourself out there and do your music with relatively few consequences and expenses. It’s a free expression community park, somewhere on the virtual plane between the MySpace ghettos and the Facebook towers.