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September 2009


I haven’t had a working computer/Internet for quite some time now….but since I’ve hijacked computers for hours all over campus, seemed like a good idea to take a minute to share a song.

I came across Irish import pop rock trio The Script somewhere along the radio waves, and then I found their single ‘Break Even’ in a British compilation playlist. I love the vocals on this track soooo much….there’s so fluid, so smooth and it’s just a deliciousy heart-breaking-without-being-depressing kind of melody. While it’s not the most complicated bit of theory I’ve ever heard, I do appreciate the choice to with the solo guitar in the first verse, and pick up the rest as they go. Whatever, I’m full of shit, pretty song though!


That fuckin Kings of Leon song, ‘Use Somebody,’ I can’t tell you how much I love it. It’s such a good song. In the way that Snow Patrol and Sigur Ros and Coldplay are good, that kind of patient tension building quality. Loveeee. Heard a couple covers and remixes, some I could take or leave but some are really great.

The more I check out music videos on YouTube, by searching for certain popular songs and whatnot, the more I realize how manyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy people put up videos of themselves playing. This is a question no one seems to have a real answer for, other than “They’re all trying to get famous.” But are they really? What defines famous? Lots of hits? Lots of ‘net friends? A record deal? Or is just because you can, you can put yourself out there and do your music with relatively few consequences and expenses. It’s a free expression community park, somewhere on the virtual plane between the MySpace ghettos and the Facebook towers.

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