Somehow, when there’s a band you’ve really loved, you love what they make regardless of it’s critical reception. For me, The Killers, Death Cab for Cutie, Copeland, Jimmy Eat World….whatever they do, I will love. And I’ll feel some deeper connection to it, as if they’ve been releasing songs for a span of a few years that correlate to my own experiences.

This song, is gorgeous. Soft, melodic, floating…I love the direction this band has been going in. Album to album, Copeland shows off mature progression and and ability to create delicate soundscapes with poetic meaning and gentle emotion. They’re extremely patient, never pushing a song too far in one direction but always having a beginning, middle and an end.

“Cause it’s no good if you can have it all,
Well I’d give it back but I never stole the first part.
And it always goes when you need it the most,
The kindest love is still bleeding from the last shot.”

-Good Morning Fire Eater, Copeland
You Are My Sunshine