Leonard Cohen is tired of people singing his ‘Hallelujah.’

And who could blame him? In his enormous catalog, it’s the song that gets constant attentions in covers and soundtracks. It’s a song that inspires many an emotion in one’s heart and mind, recalls plenty of experience and heartache in a single word, and with that Cohen successfully fulfilled his role as a musician, a modern day minstrel.

I obviously agree that it’s a beautiful piece, extremely versatile with a fairly simple arrangement that a number of singers/songwriters have made their own. But that doesn’t mean it should be everywhere. There’s so many versions that it becomes overdone, a sick-of-it-all kind of feel.

Things like this make me feel like pop music is crying out for it’s own revival, we need songs with that kind of experience and heartache for our generation so we can stop borrowing everyone else’s.