The new Green Day album ownz, with a “z.” It’s powerful and empowering, heartbreaking and inspiring, and everything I need for a good kick-off summer album. “21 Guns,” “Last of the American Girls,” “Restless Heart Syndrome,” and the title track all really hooked me today, to the point where even if I tried to listen to anything else on my iPod I went right back to the record.

I could probably write a lot about the inspirations and themes behind the record, the parallels that it shows to modern society, the messages it’s sending to today’s youth, and how badly they should listen, but, I should do the dishes. Basically, stay slaves to what they sell you or conspire your own revolution. That’s what I got out of it, and dammit I think I’ll keep listening for clues on the how. In any case, I’d like to see this record live, and I’d like to interview them.