I get extremely frustrated when I can’t find a YouTube or streaming link to a song I want to post. Case in point is Moneen’s “I Have Never Done Anything For Anyone That Was Not For Me As Well” and “How To Live With The Thought That Sometimes Life Ends” (and yes they capitalize all words in their titles). Arguably, I should be posting that whole damn album (Are We Really Happy With Who We Are? ’cause it’s all I can listen to this week. I love Moneen. They’re so full and melodic and wonderful, I love their dynamic shifts and I think their lyrics are just bitingly emo enough. When I get my keyboard back I want to figure out the piano part for “I Have Never Done Anything…”

I am keeping a constant eye out for any New York tour dates for lots of groups lately–want to take advantage of being here and seeing the acts I want while I can. Fortunately, the summer is offering up plenty in the form of good concerts. I plan to hit up Central Park shows featuring Explosions in the Sky, Constantines and Josh Ritter– money and schedule permitting (though the Josh Ritter one is free, I think, and he’ll be performing with the New York Pops! Exciting stuff. June 12th.) Any or all of those are first on my list. Crystal Method and Diesel Boy both have dates coming up, so if I feel like getting shitfaced and dancing my ass off I might do something like that.