Umm dream festival?
After a quick peek at the Lollapalooza lineup, I think I have a concert road trip to save up for….seems like a great bunch of acts. I’ve wanted to see Tool live for years, and if I can get The Killers, Lou Reed, The Decemberists, Fleet Foxes, Neko Case, Constantines, Depeche Mode and Ben Folds at the same time? Sold. I know I know, it’s a crime that I lived in upstate NY for 20 years and still haven’t seen Ben Folds.

Seeing Jane’s Addiction there would be awesome. Can’t say I’ve ever actually listened to a record, but I believe they were one of the original first Lollapalooza acts, and I’m curious to see any rock band that’s making a comeback of sorts.

A lot of the others are the same groups that have been showing up everywhere lately, many of whom I’m sick of hearing about considering it’s a bunch of who-gives-a-flying-fuck indie turned Grade A Hipster iPod fodder (no offense to the bands themselves, I’m just impossible to please). Regardless, since I’m turning 21 shortly, I feel like it’s finally time to hit up a big name music festival, get wasted and rock out….have I blogged that yet? 😉