I love that free music is becoming such a trend.Especially when NIN is involved.

I was going to see that NIN/JA summer tour up in Buffalo but they took that tour date off the list for some reason….sadness. Oh well, maybe I’ll hit up when of the Jersey dates. I’m hoping to get to at least one outdoor rock show this summer where I can take advantage of being 21 and get wasted and rock out. This needs to happen, I cannot emphasize this enough.

Hoping to hit up The Prodigy show in NYC next week, finances permitting. God that would be fucking cool….I heard their unreleased tracks today, and they were really fucking good. You don’t beat dance music like that, it’s so deep and sexy. I remember seeing them perform at the VMA’s years ago, and the guy was running around screaming, with vomit or snot or some sort of goo dripping out of his face, underneath this crazy ass light show. I think I tried to hide for a second or two–but I couldn’t help but watch through the mirror.