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March 2009


I get to remember songs like this one, “Empires,” from The Snake The Cross The Crown. I love the guitar part, it sounds all old-western-blues style to me. It makes me picture some scene like a cowboy lookin dude in leather and a flat-topped cowboy hat, wandering through dusty nowheres in Nevada or something, about to have some sort of showdown.

Plus, I think it’s a really well-written song.
Can’t seem to find a link though, sadness.

Oh this is the morning of six eyes
Malicious cold dark stares
One single gentleman is not even watching
Maybe he’s not prepared

So this is how
Oh this is how it comes to end
A meeting ground between everything and all that’s been

Sweet child, oh cover your ears please
Loudly does your father fall
Last declarations aren’t enough to absolve me from
Furies of a mother scorned, reborn
But careful son, your revolution’s been won already
But don’t let the trail it leads confine your needs

So this is how
Oh this is how it comes to end
A meeting ground between everything and all that’s been

So save me
So send me away from here
Our time has come
You can bury me with all your fears
-Empires, Mander Sails
The Snake The Cross The Crown


I love that free music is becoming such a trend.Especially when NIN is involved.

I was going to see that NIN/JA summer tour up in Buffalo but they took that tour date off the list for some reason….sadness. Oh well, maybe I’ll hit up when of the Jersey dates. I’m hoping to get to at least one outdoor rock show this summer where I can take advantage of being 21 and get wasted and rock out. This needs to happen, I cannot emphasize this enough.

Hoping to hit up The Prodigy show in NYC next week, finances permitting. God that would be fucking cool….I heard their unreleased tracks today, and they were really fucking good. You don’t beat dance music like that, it’s so deep and sexy. I remember seeing them perform at the VMA’s years ago, and the guy was running around screaming, with vomit or snot or some sort of goo dripping out of his face, underneath this crazy ass light show. I think I tried to hide for a second or two–but I couldn’t help but watch through the mirror.


So I’m hooked on this one album this week–Mt.Heluim’s Faces. I haven’t fully figured out how to describe it–I guess progressive rock/metal comes the closest–but this shit is so full of hooks and riffs that I can’t shake out of brain (and have no desire to).

I’ve just loved listening to this record on the train or walking around–it’s so full and fierce and vibrant. Every song seems to have a chorus that radiates with an electric sound that’s new and original.

The band’s members are the same guys that were the Apex Theory–a spacey, proggy, metal group that I enjoyed as well. But the remaining members in Mt. Helium have dug deeper with this project–extracting out the special effects for solid and reliable tension-filled rock music. I was so waiting to stumble across something like that! *Sigh of relief*

Faces goes deep, with majestic, epic moments–plus, they’re a trio, so kudos for pulling that off. Kind of the way Muse, or Keane, manages. Standout tracks are “Face Break,” “Pins,” and the luscious, soaring “Remind.” Go on, listen to that track, and then get it out of your head. Try.

Listening to this record has got me thinking about the filtration system of bands who “make it.” What’s make it, anyhow? It’s not like radio airplay really means anything anymore, and MySpace friends can be faked if you try hard enough, and while record sales can clue us in about the number of real fans a group has so much just gets downloaded that there’s no accurate way to tell how many people are actually listening to your record as you gave it out.

I suppose it rests on concert attendance and ticket sales–what is presumably the bottom line of a band’s financial success anyway. Speaking of, I have to see if these guys are touring….

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