Today was a good day, because I fell for At The Drive In. This song, Invalid Litter Dept., in particular.

I really like the guitar parts, and the harmony on “dancing on the corpse’s ashes” which is a creepy/beautiful line. I used to be really annoyed by the vocalist in this band, but then I started listening to the instrumental parts and really liked it. I suppose, part of learning love songs, it’s not always in the lyrics. Emotion and feel is just as essential to every little chosen note behind it, not just every word.

I think back to a lot of the bands from just a few short years ago that no one cares about now–no one wants to read or write about them, no one wants to buy their records. Not saying that these guys are like that–I have no idea where they stand in the structure of rock-band importance–but I think these guys are legit talented and write melodic and moving riffs, and still all bands are just lumped together even if they suck.

Part of this train of thought comes from seeing/hearing about lots of new and upcoming acts. People create buzz about if it sounds “cool”, “sellable” and indie rock enough. The whole thing is ridiculous, because so many bands who don’t deserve to have tours and reviews in Spin can get them.

Whatever. I’m just bitter, not because I’m a failed musician (I’m not) but just because most music I read about or listen to is fucking cheap and not moving or artistic at all.

Also—Monday I saw Jimmy Eat World play Clarity for their 10th anniversary tour. They played so fucking unbelievably well, and those songs are all amazing. Best concert I’ve ever been to, not for a second was it lacking. They’re fucking professionals. A surprising number of bands aren’t–well, it’s surprising to me at least.

Anyway, listen to that At The Drive In song, it’s a good one.