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December 2008


Nothing like early Guster.


Another Mix Find. Beautiful little song.

I’m in love with the world through the eyes of a girl
Who’s still around the morning after
We broke up a month ago and I grew up, I didn’t know
I’d be around the morning after
It’s always been wait and see
A happy day and then you pay
And feel like shit the morning after
But now I feel changed around and instead falling down
I’m standing up the morning after
Situations get fucked up and turned around sooner or later
And I could be another fool or an exception to the rule
You tell me the morning after
Crooked spin can’t come to rest
I’m damaged bad at best
She’ll decide what she wants
I’ll probably be the last to know
No one says until it shows
See how it is
They want you or they don’t
Say yes

I’m in love with the world through the eyes of a girl
Who’s still around the morning after

–Elliott Smith, Say Yes


Sidenote: I’m a sucker for songs with sleigh bells (that aren’t Christmas tunes).


I’ve been importing mix cds lately. Back before the iPod, I was big into the mix CD. Slowly but surely I want to import the spoils of my collection onto my computer, under “The Mix Sessions.” It’s good to recycle music every now and then, see how things change meaning over the years.

My ear is more developed now than it was when I was 14, so some of this stuff sounds terrible and some sounds brand new. And some is still just okay. Lots of the lyrics still ring with me though. I forgot how much I liked early Death Cab, like Coney Island and Little Furry Bugs, and some tracks off of Elliott Smith’s “Either/Or” that I forgot about.

But there are some good finds in there! They’re all decorated with Sharpies and doodles and stuff. Unfortunately, the CD quality is a bit destroyed in some cases. Damn my adolescent carelessness!

Always liked this song, though.

I can be anything
That you want me to be
A punching bag
A piece of string
That reminds you not to think
They found the note
down in your car
It’s not your fault it gets this hard
Hold your head high
Don’t look down
I’m by your side
I won’t back down
You wanted a hero tonight
Well I’m not made of steel
But your secret’s safe with me
I can be anything
That you want me to be
A holy cross
Some sympathy
That reminds you how to bleed
They found the note down
in your car
You climbed up here to fall apart
They knock you down
I’ll pick you up
They laugh at you
I’ll shut them up

-Our Lady Peace, Made of Steel


Does anyone else know what I mean when I say “momentry?”

Monmentry (adj. I think [correct me if I’m wrong]).
1. Causing a certain feeling of happiness and nostalgia
2. Making you warm and fuzzy
3. Fix everything, or somehow have everything come to a higher level

Ex.: I love songs that create “momentry.”


This song is a hidden gem on Viva La Vida, I think. Sounds more like the Coldplay I got to know on X & Y.


Fleetwood Mac’s going on tour and re-releasing Rumours. Rejoice.


i did not hear about this when it was relevant.

Right or wrong, scandal or no scandal, why do we care? What is it about singing a national anthem that should be so pure? Something about loyalty, and respect. Don’t care about your image so much that you replace a plain looking child with a prettier one. Maybe it’s a semester’s worth of music and politics talking, but I think it was a sleazy move.


and i’ve got
no illusions about you
and guess what?
i never did
and when i said
when i said i’ll take it
i meant,
i meant as is

–Ani DiFranco, As Is
Little Plastic Castle

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