You know what i hate?

Lyrics Web sites.
Fuck them.

They all fucking suck.

SongMeanings is the only one that doesn’t make me feel like I’m being screamed at by ADS!!! BOOBS OF CELEBRITIES!!!! FLASHING COLORS!!!!!! and it takes me forever to find the damn things. Then when you get to the text it’s like tiny white-on-black Verdana.

But the reason SongMeanings sucks is because i always end up wasting a shitton of time reading through the emo blog posts, and then I feel like a voyeur of 16 year old kids who all seem to want to slit their wrists (or fuck the girl from math class who just did the same), but not before imparting their wisdoms onto the anonymity-granting comment forums literally littering the Internet. Fuck comment forums.

AZLyrics is the best site I can find otherwise (at least, it’s the one i’ve been using the longest) and their selection often bites, or takes you elsewhere on the Internet.

It is so addicting though, the SongMeanings post things. Everyone’s name is a song or something, “poisonhearts,” “thequietthings666,” “or whatever. Gaggaggag, laughlaughlaugh, readreadread.

So finding song lyrics is a horrible process. That’s all. Please….someone out there MUST sympathize with this. How come we’ve never talked about this?! It’s been pissing me off for years! Feels so good to say something.

Also, watch this, because SpeakEasy/Makeshift kicks ass and because Eddie Munster is an asshole:
Music Fan Fest 2008,t=1,mt=video