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November 7, 2008


iPods on shuffle…I can’t give it up.

1) Say Anything-Spores, In Defense of the Genre
2)Ani DiFranco-Shameless [Re-Recorded Version}, Canon (Disc 1)
3)The Beatles-Hey, You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away, Help
4)Radiohead-I Might Be Wrong, Amnesiac

I don’t know why but it totally worked. And I love Spores. More on that later.


If I ever get into a bar fight…
…I may be listening to the end of Say Anything’s “Belt” in my head.

What say you (what say you)
And all your friends (and all your friends)
Meet all of my friends (my friends)
In the alley tonight, yeah

–Say Anything, Belt
…Is A Real Boy

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