I’m working playlists tonight!
These are just songs.

Just take them as music. Not songs that are the best anything, they’re not this, they’re not that. They’re just…21st century popular music songs. How they sound under the context of that..it’s so hard to define, isn’t it?

Just read an essay about that–about the finesse of popular music that musicologists cannot make the right term for. It’s not complicated or complex the way “classical”era music was. A new term will hopefully be made someday, probably in terms of times and eras. The Pre-Rock era/Post-Rock era? The switch is mid 20th century, 20s-60s? It’s so bizarre, and hard to pin down, so I don’t know why I’m taking classes in it.

Love is Real, Ode to Darryl, Newerwaves-Jimmy Chamberlin Complex
..other stuff unconsciously on shuffle
2)tonight, tonight–smashingpupmkins 40 sec.
which led to for me this is heaven-jimmy eat world (first 30 seconds), started over, finsihed, which led to Sympathy of the devil for a nice rolling stones marathon followed by feist, followed by sarah mclachlan for like 6 songs within 50 seconds, until the thing went on shuffle and picked Ckaustrophobic Sting by The Prodigy which actually fit the mood REALLY well. Fun, crazy shit is great to listen to sometimes. Followed by this song We Both Go Down Together by Colin Meloy that i found on a sampler from a Paste album, I think…which sounds eeriely like ‘choosing my religion.’

I might do my pop music term paper on how music magazines pick the samplers.

Also, iTunes interface is killing me lately. It’s not set up as well as the iPod touch. With that, you can do so much more–for example, when you’re on shuffle and hear an artist you want the full album of you can get it pretty easily by clicking the list button on the upper right hand corner. If you click the arrow by the album title in iTunes, it brings You to the store. Goddamn it. That’s cause it’s free. i’d love to see a music playing program Apple put money into…

(If anyone knows a feature that would fix that–a button or a good program!– let me know, and then if that’s the case, istillloveyouApple! Steve Jobs, Keep it Up Buddy!!!!1)