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September 10, 2008


This deserves to be shared.
I like it when they’re funny


What career will they NOT do a reality TV show about?

The search for the subway superstar?

Kind of fascinating, kind of weird. I really don’t know who is going to watch this show other than me. It’s appeal to musicians seems redundant–why would they want to watch a competition of people just like them? Some might even say it’s hypocrisy since the winner gets a chance to perform at an MSG event, a far cry from an underground subway.

One performed said he loved the opportunity because it was like a “Woodstock of subway musicians” while they were all auditioning for the competition.

There is a lot of cool music on it–just everything, every style, all kinds of people who look all different ways. Some of the musicians who performed at the open call seemed like normal, crazy musicians, others are fantastically unrealistic. Take, for example, the folk duo Dagmar–the woman performed with dragon wings and a pilot helmet a la Amelia Earhart. Sweet.

Then there was the ukulele player who called a stuffed leopard his production manager, and said he loves it when women smile at him. “I like smiles more than money, they last longer.” Right on, dude.

Lots of old blues guys too(my personal fave). I especially enjoyed the metal-looking dude who played an electric violin, he was jumpin around all crazy-like.

Lots of cross-eyed lookin’ folks as well.

It’s interesting, though, to hear the perspective of New York from the eyes of the subway musician. They just love performing, so they perform. An honest lifestyle. Many of them noted the difference between performing in the subways or on a stage–and how the underground setting can make for a better performance.

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