New Lovedrug has more Cursive-like tendencies than anything else. The songs are really meticulously composed and arranged, not scared of weird and ugly chords but fully embracing them. I love themm.

-and they’re touring with Copeland!

That’d be a show to catch. Copeland played great live, but I’d LOVE to hear Lovedrug.

I really might just have to figure out a way to go that show in New York with both Lovedrug and Copeland and Lydia, who I’ve heard of and been told I would like but haven’t heard yet. I really want to hear Copeland play off of “Eat, Sleep, Repeat,” though, and hear Lovedrug do its new thing with “Sucker-Punch Show.” They kind of fascinate me with that record and how sort of off-the-wall it is, how intentionally sounding disturbed. I just want to see how it would sound and if they could play it with as much charm as the records have in their arranged appeal, as with “Eat, Sleep, Repeat.”

I’ve always really liked the song, “The Last Time He Saw Dorie,” and I was kind of weirded out when I found this:

though I fiercely wonder if that’s how they meant it. If so, Finding Nemo is way weirder that I thought.

Definitely my favorite type of popular music–the really well composed indie or emo or just straight up rock. Sufjan Stevens holds the crown there for me though. He just thinks so huge, but isn’t scared to have quiet moments, and just soooo many layers.