I don’t wanna write a news story.

This is over when I say it’s over.
This is a lesson in procrastination.
I kill myself because I’m so frustrated.
Every single second that I put it off
Means another lonely night I got to race the clock.
I ignore it and it ignores me too.
What say we go and crash your car?
And every time I leave you go and lock the door.
So I walk myself picking at a chip on my shoulder.
I’m another day late and one year older.
It’s failure by design.

-Brand New, Failure By Design
Your Favorite Weapon

Loved it when I was 15, and now it’s coming back to haunt me, because it’s catchy as hell and once I play it once I want to hear it again. It’s stupid and simple and shouty and I will rock out in my own little way to this song for as long as I see fit.

Only, I can’t write a news story about not wanting to write news stories the way Jesse Lacey could get away with writing a song about not being able to write a song.

This is over when I say it’s over…