How do i know this?

The chorus of Taylor Swift’s “I’d Lie” and that icky “Girl Next Door” song have pretty much exactly the same melody.

Fuck female songwriters and their non-inventive melodies!

My rationalization for why I’m listening to Taylor Swift right now: she did write most an album by herself when she was 16. That’s a lot of lyrics, a lots of thoughts. When I first heard that about her I was impressed, but figured it’d be pretty cliche.

Simple in it’s song structure & lyrical development, anyone who is or isn’t a teenage girl is probably wishing they were and living vicariously through Swift’s diary-esque songs. As for her voice, she’s no Carrie–she’s not powerful, she’s breathy and I hear she sucks live, which is not surprising.

Swift deserves credit for getting her career to where it is–she’s had a few singles, a few videos, tours. But most of her songs sound EXACTLY the same. Choruses with repeated phrases and simple rhyme, twangy guitar…it’s nothing too groundbreaking that she’s doing.

So why is she one of country’s most popular female artists?

She’s fucking honest!

Honesty sells, in all forms. Corporate over-written songs are fake honest, a Hollywood beef-fed lie (whatever that means). And she’s so sincere.

Of course her lyrics are simple…you can tell when she wrote this album, she was really talking about all the boys she had crushes on, which I think is cute, and the way it should be.